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A friendly wrapper for modern SQLAlchemy and Alembic.


SQLA-Wrapper is a wrapper for SQLAlchemy and Alembic that simplifies many aspects of its setup.

It works with the newer SQLAlchemy 2.0 style, and can be used with most web frameworks.


  • A SQLAlchemy wrapper, that does all the SQLAlchemy setup and gives you:

    • A scoped session extended with some useful active-record-like methods.
    • A declarative base class.
    • A helper for performant testing with a real database.
    from sqla_wrapper import SQLAlchemy
    db = SQLAlchemy("sqlite:///db.sqlite", **options)
    # You can also use separated host, name, etc.
    # db = SQLAlchemy(user=…, password=…, host=…, port=…, name=…)
  • An Alembic wrapper that loads the config from your application instead of from separated alembic.ini and files.

    from sqla_wrapper import Alembic, SQLAlchemy
    db = SQLAlchemy()
    alembic = Alembic(db, "db/migrations")


Install the package using pip. The SQLAlchemy and Alembic libraries will be installed as dependencies.

pip install sqla-wrapper